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Market Research UAE is the B2B advisory firm trusted by multinational Fortune 500s to deliver evidence-based market strategies in Asia. Our market knowledge, analysis, insights and strategic recommendations are tailored for each of our clients’ specific challenges and barriers to success in the marketplace. We are committed to supporting our clients’ understanding of the market(s) in which they compete in, to ensure decisions made are timely and well-informed. We work in partnership with our client’s as a seamless extension of their business – and make your success, our success; we are confident that it is precisely this philosophy that has resulted in our 90% repeat client rate.

Our team is comprised of professional consultants equipped with extensive project experience across various sectors and industries locally in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, regionally across the GCC, as well as across >10 markets in Asia Pacific. This Asia Pacific and Arab world experience is what sets us apart from the rest: we consider ourselves the only true advisors in the Middle East helping Arab companies navigate the Silk Road of the 21st century. We are well-trained to be adept and resourceful in gathering insights directly from customers, suppliers, and intermediaries in the marketplace – whether it is in the UAE or in China – our experts then analyze and develop these insights to create actionable and sustainable business strategies.

All projects are executed in-house and our work method is straight-forward: we get the work done by 'getting our hands dirty' in the field, extracting relevant information from key stakeholders and experts in the marketplace --- whether that marketplace is the UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, or China (or all of the above!). Our clients not only get the insights and analysis from our own experts and consultants – we also ensure insights are cross-checked and verified by our established networks in the industry on the ground. This approach ensures that we are interpreting and analyzing something more than data; we are providing strategic insights based on direct findings in real-time.

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Some of Our Team

damien duhamel Abu Dhabi

DAMIEN | CEO & Managing Partner

As our CEO & Managing Director, Damien has worked on hundreds of growth strategy engagements with Fortune 500 clients. Damien is a recognized Innovation and Asia Competitive Strategy expert with extensive experience in ASEAN. His thought leadership has been featured on various media: AFP, Business Insider, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and several Asian publications. Damien speaks English, French, and Vietnamese. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the Victoria University, an MBA from the Chicago Booth School of Business and a Master of Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University.

Erika Abu Dhabi

ERIKA | Partner

Erika is responsible to manage client relationships and operational growth across the Middle East, and is based in the United Arab Emirates. She brings over 15v years of strategy consulting experience in the Middle East, working with global Fortune 500 firms as well as leading corporations, government bodies and foundations in the region. She has led several strategy projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Oman, Indonesia, and Japan across the construction, lubricants, machinery, automotive and greentech sectors. Prior to joining Solidiance, Erika was a senior advisor and manager addressing sustainability challenges across >15 sectors and industries. Erika speaks English, Japanese, conversational French and survival Arabic. She holds a BSc from McGill University, has completed her postgraduate studies in Sustainability & Leadership at Cambridge University, and an Executive MBA from Stanford University.

Erika Abu Dhabi


Nabil is our Director who has been leading and driving projects on the ground in the Middle East market namely UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Qatar, among others. Nabil specializes in financial modelling and due diligence, corporate valuations and M&A support for Fortune 500, conglomerates, and SME clients.Nabil is also experienced in market landscape analysis for market growth strategies, and has conducted various projects across the logistics space in the Middle East. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut, and is fluently trilingual in Arabic, English and French.

Erika Abu Dhabi

DIANA DZAKA | Director

Our Digital Transformation Director, Diana has over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing communications & digital strategy. She has led various digital initiatives across the Middle East and helped advise Middle Eastern corporations and conglomerates in terms of their digital agenda. Diana's core expertise includes digital strategy, digital communications and omnichannel marketing. She has previously worked for marketing agencies managing numerous diverse projects for global clients. She holds a Master’s degree in Financial Management and bachelor’s degree in Macrofinancial Management from University of Sarajevo.

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