Automotive & Mobility

Gear up in Abu Dhabi's automotive & mobility market opportunities and drive the future growth in the promising capital.

Abu Dhabi Automotive Consulting Company
Automotive & Mobility Consulting Firm in Abu Dhabi
Invest in a promising regional market. Data from Statistics Centre-Abu Dhabi recorded that car sales in Abu Dhabi will jump in value to more than AED28.6 billion in the first 10 months in 2019 and has maintained its positive momentum of 5% growth from the previous period. Meanwhile, auto imports accounted for AED13.9 billion and exports increased by 37.2% to AED350 million.

Our expert team at Market Research Abu Dhabi is committed to provide automotive advisory services, ranging from commercial and passenger vehicles, automotive digitization, electric and smart vehicles, lubricants, aftermarket and servicing, and other relevant segments. We will help automotive players to enter and grow in the local Abu Dhabi market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Abu Dhabi Market Intelligence

We are capable in providing actionable insight for clients based on our hands-on experiences. Supported by our Abu Dhabi marketplace insights, clients will be guided in anticipating changes in market demands and competitive landscape.

Abu Dhabi Market Entry

We measure some considerable options to reduce financial ambiguity for our clients by giving related mapping on competitors, customers, channels, partners, suppliers, and many more.

Abu Dhabi Competitive Intelligence

We make comprehensive analysis on Abu Dhabi market competition and gain understandings from best practices to escape from excessive breaches. We promise to provide unique advantage for our clients by leveraging unaddressed opportunities, discovering competitors' blind spots and improving on each others' successes.

Abu Dhabi Customer Intelligence

Our team will identify customers' buying trends, demographics and behavior from their persona to give strategic contribution in the development of new ideas.

Our Success Stories

Digital Transformation and eCommerce Business Launch

Preparing for the business launch strategy of a print media house to leverage their content and business network to build leading e-commerce & last-mile logistics delivery venture in the GCC.


Our Success Stories

Distribution - RTM & Partner Search

Building the right route to market strategy and identifying potential partners for an aftermarket product brand to enter the market among several countries in the Middle East Region, including Abu Dhabi.



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