Construction & Infrastructure

Seize opportunities in Abu Dhabi's promising construction industry with opportunities across construction in residential, non-residential, as well as infrastructure.

Construction Consulting Company in Abu Dhabi
Infrastructure Consulting Company in Abu Dhabi
Solid growth is presented in the capital. Abu Dhabi has the ability to connect market with investors worldwide, an extensive pipeline of regional and global capital, strategic location, and world class infrastructure.

Construction industry will also be driven majorly by Dh50 billion stimulus package Ghadan 21 in the upcoming years, with residential construction remains the largest market. Abu Dhabi-based developer, including Abu Dhabi General Services (Musanada) and Abu Dhabi Department of Transport were recorded in 2019 to be among top construction developers in the UAE.

Our team of construction advisory services at Market Research Abu Dhabi covers a wide range of areas such as urban redevelopment, sustainable infrastructure, smart cities & buildings, digitalization in construction, HVAC, and other segments. We have extensive experiences in working with various players to advise clients with the right know-how industrial strategy.

Our Key Service Offerings

Abu Dhabi Market Intelligence

Our hands-on experiences help us in providing evidence-based insights for our clients and help them to foresee shifts in Abu Dhabi market demands and the emergence of competitive threats. ​

Abu Dhabi Market Entry

Several actionable options are measured in order to cut down financial uncertainty through related informations on customers, channels, partners, suppliers, competitors, and other market dynamics.

Abu Dhabi Competitive Intelligence

We build thorough analysis on market competition in Abu Dhabi and learn from best operations to avoid costly omissions and reinventions. Clients will be guaranteed strategic advantage by exploring unseen opportunities and improving on each other's accomplishments.

Abu Dhabi Customer Intelligence

Our professional team will examine buyers' persona to generate their demographics, behavior and buying trends in providing essential inputs to the development of new products.

Our Success Stories

Digital Transformation and eCommerce Business Launch

Preparing for the business launch strategy of a print media house to leverage their content and business network to build leading e-commerce & last-mile logistics delivery venture in the GCC.


Our Success Stories

Distribution - RTM & Partner Search

Building the right route to market strategy and identifying potential partners for an aftermarket product brand to enter the market among several countries in the Middle East Region, including Abu Dhabi.



Business Outlook in Abu Dhabi
The Current Business Outlook in Abu Dhabi

Find out how a positive business outlook in Abu Dhabi can help the UAE’s economy expand in the coming years.

Abu Dhabi’s Thriving Manufacturing Sector

The UAE government continues to work towards the growth of the manufacturing sector in Abu Dhabi.

Renewable Energy in Abu Dhabi
Renewable Energy in Abu Dhabi

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Construction Opportunities in Abu Dhabi
Construction Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

The growth of the construction market in Abu Dhabi will be determined by several trends and opportunities that are likely to emerge amid a post-COVID era.

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