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Unlock new market opportunities in burgeoning Abu Dhabi's consumer and retail market by implementing local customer-centric approach and advanced technology adoption.

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The consumer and retail industry in Abu Dhabi is still going strong. Abu Dhabi has seen unprecedented growth in the retail sector, supported by the growing young population, high disposable incomes, and tourist attractions. Abu Dhabi has been attracting a lot of global brands establishing the presence to cater to the rising demand from the affluent society. ​

The overall retail market in the UAE is forecasted to grow at more than 4.5% CAGR in terms of value during 2019-2024. Meanwhile, total retail development in Abu Dhabi is also expected to reach around 1.9 million sqm in the period of 2018-2021.

Our expert team at Market Research Abu Dhabi will help clients to seize the extensive opportunities in the regional market across the different segments, including digitalization, digital marketplace, and wallet as well as social networking services. We are committed to guiding them in anticipating changes in buyers' needs and winning the market competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

Abu Dhabi Market Intelligence

Our real-life business experiences help us in providing practical insights for our clients and guide them in anticipating transformation in Abu Dhabi’s market demands and competitive outlook. ​

Abu Dhabi Market Entry

We weigh several considerable alternatives to reduce financial uncertainty for clients by giving relevant information of Abu Dhabi such as customers, competitors, channels, suppliers, and other market dynamics. ​

Abu Dhabi Competitive Intelligence

We identify Abu Dhabi market competition and get understandings from best operations to shun costly omissions. Clients are guaranteed strategic eminence by discovering unaddressed opportunities and unseen room for growth in the market.

Abu Dhabi Customer Intelligence

Our expert team identifies customers' behavior, demographics, as well as buying trends in Abu Dhabi from their persona and gives a strategic contribution to developing new products. ​

Our Success Stories

Digital Transformation and eCommerce Business Launch

Preparing for the business launch strategy of a print media house to leverage their content and business network to build leading e-commerce & last-mile logistics delivery venture in the GCC.


Our Success Stories

Distribution - RTM & Partner Search

Building the right route to market strategy and identifying potential partners for an aftermarket product brand to enter the market among several countries in the Middle East Region, including Abu Dhabi.



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