Thrive in healthcare and pharmaceutical markets in Abu Dhabi, contributing in the provision of best healthcare services in the Emirate.

Abu Dhabi Medical Market Research
Abu Dhabi Healthcare Consulting Company
Invest to fulfill the growing healthcare demand. The overall UAE healthcare market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% during 2018-2023. The Department of Health (DoH) projected that demand for inpatient services in 2025 may require over 1,346 additional acute beds (based on 2017's occupancy rate).

Abu Dhabi is set to be a hub for medical tourism in the region. The DoH and Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi have launched the Abu Dhabi Medical Tourism e-portal that provides a list of 40 healthcare facilities, as well as 287 medical treatment packages from more than 173 doctors across the Emirates.

Our team provides healthcare advisory services in the Abu Dhabi market across varied areas, including healthcare digitalization, hospital information system & IT healthcare, pharmaceuticals, hospital & clinics, patient monitoring intelligence & devices, medical devices, as well as insurance. We will examine the right strategic plans to gain top-line growth and succeed in the competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

Abu Dhabi Market Intelligence

Clients will be supported to project the shifting market demand and emerging competitive challenges through evidence-based insights generated from our practical experiences.

Abu Dhabi Market Entry

We weigh some actionable alternatives in reducing financial uncertainty for our clients by giving related data about competitors, customers, channels, partners, suppliers, and many more.

Abu Dhabi Competitive Intelligence

We provide accurate analysis on Abu Dhabi market competition and study the best practices to shun costly omission. We make sure to give essential leverage for clients by discovering untapped opportunities and growth in the market.

Abu Dhabi Customer Intelligence

Our expert team identifies customers' behavior, demographics, as well as buying trends from their persona and give strategic contribution to develop new products.

Our Success Stories

Digital Transformation and eCommerce Business Launch

Preparing for the business launch strategy of a print media house to leverage their content and business network to build leading e-commerce & last-mile logistics delivery venture in the GCC.


Our Success Stories

Distribution - RTM & Partner Search

Building the right route to market strategy and identifying potential partners for an aftermarket product brand to enter the market among several countries in the Middle East Region, including Abu Dhabi.



the AED 1 billion abu dhabi agtech incentives
The AED 1 billion Abu Dhabi AgTech Incentives

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has approved a series of incentive packages worth a total of AED 1 billion (USD 272 million) for local and international agricultural technology (AgTech) companies.

increasing exports through abu dhabi ports
Increasing Exports through Abu Dhabi Ports

According to the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, the value of exports through Abu Dhabi ports went up to almost 37% from AED 12.6 billion in Q4 2017 to AED 17.2 billion in Q4 2018.

tomorrow 2021 a stronger 2019 for abu dhabi
Tomorrow 2021: A stronger 2019 for Abu Dhabi

Business leaders in Abu Dhabi have predicted a strong start 2019 when AED 20 billion in injected into the economy under Tomorrow 2021 plan.

masdar city: the pioneer of regional sustainable city
Masdar City: The Pioneer of Regional Sustainable City

Abu Dhabi, along with Dubai has emerged as the two most sustainable cities in the Middle East region.

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