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Explore and discover extensive market opportunities in Abu Dhabi's growing Technology, Media & Telecommunications market towards becoming regional tech hub.

Abu Dhabi Technology Consulting Company
Technology Consulting Company in Abu Dhabi
Invest in these engines for future growth. The Emirate has a clear vision to make the capital city as a leading tech hub and innovation in the Middle East. Through the establishment of Ghadan 21, Abu Dhabi is also investing in tech innovation through Hub71, allowing around 39 start-ups to operate in the country.

Abu Dhabi is also targeting further adoption and investment in ICT infrastructure under the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. The Emirate lays out 25 objectives and 83 programs that will require advances in ICT infrastructure.

Our team at Market Research Abu Dhabi is committed to helping players in the industry by providing advisory services across various areas, including IoT, Big Data, AI, digital media, and 5G network. Combined with our deep market understanding, clients will be guided to thrive in the local market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Abu Dhabi Market Intelligence

Our team is dedicated to provide practical insights for our clients based on real-life business practices and help them to project changes in Abu Dhabi market demands and competitive outlook.

Abu Dhabi Market Entry

We weigh potential choices in reducing financial ambiguity for our clients through relevant Abu Dhabi data about competitors, customers, channels, partners, suppliers, and other market conditions. ​

Abu Dhabi Competitive Intelligence

We build comprehensive analysis to identify Abu Dhabi market competition and avoid costly omissions. Clients will be given unique advantage by exploring unseen blind spots and untapped opportunities in the local market.

Abu Dhabi Customer Intelligence

Our team of professional consultants will study the behavior, demographic and buying trends of customers in order to give essential contributions in the creation of new products.

Our Success Stories

Digital Transformation and eCommerce Business Launch

Preparing for the business launch strategy of a print media house to leverage their content and business network to build leading e-commerce & last-mile logistics delivery venture in the GCC.


Our Success Stories

Distribution - RTM & Partner Search

Building the right route to market strategy and identifying potential partners for an aftermarket product brand to enter the market among several countries in the Middle East Region, including Abu Dhabi.



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