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Abu Dhabi Renewable Energy Investments
Abu Dhabi Renewable Energy Investments
07 Dec 2021   |   Abu Dhabi

Following the United Arab Emirates' Net Zero 2050, Abu Dhabi's Department of Energy has announced nine additional projects that would catalyze the country's journey to reduce CO2.

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Retail in Abu Dhabi
Consumer Behaviour Post-Covid in Abu Dhabi
25 Nov 2021   |   Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's consumer expectations would primarily shift to omnichannel experiences by combining digital solutions and physical shopping.

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Abu Dhabi: E-Commerce on a Fast Track
26 Oct 2021   |   Abu Dhabi

The pandemic has emphasized multi-channel operators in the region, putting businesses with a strong internet presence at the forefront of people's minds

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Construction Projects in Abu Dhabi
Significant Construction Projects in Abu Dhabi
20 Sep 2021   |   Abu Dhabi

The positive growth of Abu Dhabi's construction sector requires both players to tackle the uncertainty that lingers from COVID-19 pandemic.

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Abu Dhabi Healthcare Services
Abu Dhabi: Prospering Healthcare Services Through PPP
07 Sep 2021   |   Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi possesses strong and thorough health sector fundamentals that heavily pinpoints government-backed health services and a thriving private health sector that puts forth a high standard of healthcare provided in the region.

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