Renewable Energy in Abu Dhabi

13 Mar 2022   |  Abu Dhabi

Back in 2017, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched the Energy Strategy 2050 – an energy framework focused on developing the renewable energy sector within the country. As part of the initiative’s goals, the energy strategy targets a 50% clean energy contribution in the total energy mix by 2050, a development that would significantly lessen the carbon footprint as well as increase overall energy efficiency.

To achieve such a lofty target, Abu Dhabi is expected to play a major role. Through several projects and well-timed investments, businesses in Abu Dhabi are steadily working toward a future fueled by renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Projects in Abu Dhabi

Renewable Energy

In 2019, Abu Dhabi was home to Noor – the largest solar project in the world at that time. Having over 3 million solar panels installed; the facility had a photovoltaic (PV) capacity of 1.1 gigawatts (GW). While it is no longer the largest single solar project in the world, it has inspired many others within Abu Dhabi to pursue similar endeavors.

For instance, two government-owned electricity companies – Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) and Masdar – are currently working on the Al Dhafra Solar Project. The project is touted to be an independent power producer (IPP) facility that has a 2 GW PV capacity. This is significant as its construction will create over 4,000 jobs, but more importantly, the Al Dhafra Solar Project will reportedly reduce CO2 emissions by 2.4 million tons per year once it is fully operational.

While these projects are certainly expensive, these undertakings signify Abu Dhabi’s long-term commitment toward the shift and adoption of renewable energy sources. Expect further renewable energy projects to be planned and developed in the coming years.

Meeting Renewable Energy Targets

Although Abu Dhabi was able to meet its goal of generating at least 7% of power from renewable energy sources in 2020, further progress must still be made especially when considering the UAE’s overall goal of generating 21% more power from clean energy. Seemingly, involved stakeholders are prepared to take any measure necessary.

Adding onto the projects that are already underway, TAQA has declared that it intends to invest 10.9 billion USD to improve transmission and distribution of renewable energy assets within the country – Abu Dhabi included. By 2030, the UAE hopes to increase its domestic gross power capacity from 18 GW to 30 GW.

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