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No place like Abu Dhabi. With a high per capita income and an ample trade surplus annual, Abu Dhabi offers free trade zones, 100 percent foreign ownership and zero taxes. After the oil discovered in the country around 60 years ago, Abu Dhabi has seen massive transformation to an impoverished region to a modern state with a high standard of living which capture admiration from people around the world.

With minimum financial risk and no restrictions on profit transfers or capital repatriation, Abu Dhabi offers opportunities to expand and grow business. Market Research Abu Dhabi helps multinational corporations to win Abu Dhabi and other emirates market through our market market entry, growth strategy, project management support, market research and intelligence services based on our expertise, established networks, boots-on-the-ground insights and know-how.

The richest federation among the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has taken several important measures to address the slowing growth of oil crude, which is the largest contributor to its economy. Abu Dhabi has unveiled more than US$ 13 billion stimulus package in a move to boost an economy stuck in a three-year slowdown triggered by low crude prices.

Invest and enter Abu Dhabi market which is pursuing the future with new ambitious plan through various of our services. Abu Dhabi is pursuing for multibillion dollar plans to diversify its economy away from oil dependency. The UAE capital has also ploughed around US$ 1 billion for a branch of the Louvre after series of delays.

Market Research Abu Dhabi aims to present reliable data, insights, and roadmaps to enter any Asian or Middle Eastern market, and to provide effective strategic recommendations to our clients in order to accelerate their business growth. As one of most-trusted consulting firm in Middle East, we have strong expertise – but not limited in – automotive, technology, green building, healthcare, manufacturing, F&B, and financial services.

Market Research Abu Dhabi is a prominent Asia-focused management consulting firm dedicated to supporting the growth of the Fortune 500s in Asia and the Middle East. We work with our clients by providing comprehensive market research and strategies at both the global- and local-level. Our Solidiance’s consultants work side-by-side with the clients to grow their businesses by helping them understand the markets in which they currently operate in, or which they want to be operating in, in the future. With a presence in the GCC and 9 other Asian markets, Solidiance takes pride in producing unique and in-depth insights efficiently, and delivering strategic recommendations tailored to support executive level decision-making.

Our sectoral focus

We offer leading, professionally dependable market-research services and market strategies for our clients, which includes (but are not limited to) market sizing, competitor profiling, customer segmentation, site selection, and evaluation of investment, joint-venture, or distributor partnerships. A sample of some of the sectors we have extensive experience in include:

Manufacturing in Abu Dhabi

We are well-versed and able to speak the same manufacturing language to quickly zoom in on your key issues in the market. Our in-house staff has extensive regional marketing strategy experience across a variety of sub-sectors including, but not limited to: manufacturing & processing, machinery, industrial & engineering equipment, industrial tools and parts, automation, actuation, testing & control, after market, supply chain and logistics.

Healthcare in Abu Dhabi

Solidiance diagnoses your barriers to success in the local, regional, or Asian healthcare industry. We assess a whole lot of different projects to deliver strategic recommendations in the sector. We have worked with a range of healthcare products and services, ranging from medical devices, patient monitoring, medical imaging, health information systems, health IT, etc.


Technology in Abu Dhabi

We dedicate ourselves to overclocking your growth strategy in the Abu Dhabi, UAE, GCC, or Asian high-tech, telecom, and digital media industries. Our scope of projects cover various tech products and services including e-commerce, game consoles, mobile and PC operating systems, business software, data centers, ERP solutions, billing and payment software solutions, social media, 3G/4G/LTE services, mobile apps, mobile enterprise services, and feature phones and smartphones, etc.

Green tech in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to the greentech industry, Solidiance Abu Dhabi has the clients seeded for growth. Our strategy experience in this sector covers a vast array of relevant topics including green-cities, waste reduction and management, facilities management, automation and recycling, renewable energy production and distribution, automotive fuel efficiency, green transportation systems and networks, green building materials, sustainable supply-chains and ‘smart’ building automation.

Market Research Abu Dhabi

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  • During the course of the process, I found Solidiance highly capable to support Toyota to better understand “Asean countries”. We usually work with Japanese consulting company and from their report, we can be a “book smart” but can’t have clear picture on what’s going on in the real market. The project with Solidiance brought us “real market experience”. Solidiance local consultants got their hands dirty in the marketplace with me. This approach enabled me to understand critical consumer insights behind data. I found it very valuable experience. Thank you very much.

    Global Insights Manager